Why us?

The Jordan Finland Modern Hospital

An Added qualitative value in the health services ‎sector within the highest international standards.

Always up to date in applying the latest therapeutic ‎technologies to keep the doctors satisfied, and to ‎offer a unique service for patients.

Employing Jordanian and Finnish experienced ‎cadres to achieve advanced levels of services.

Because you matter to us, we have brought to you ‎the Finnish expertise ... your way to reach an ‎integrated health care service.‎

The basic principles we adopt in this hospital:‎


Human dignity

We value everyone in the society as a special and ‎unique person who has the right to be respected and ‎accepted to preserve human dignity.

Social Responsibility‎

We collectively take part in planning, decision making ‎and improving the medical system to upgrade the ‎health care service and increase efficiency

Community Service‎

We value a work environment that relies on mutual ‎trust to activate the community service, in the interest ‎of all parties.‎


We Value the availability and care to accept people ‎as they are, as it enhances the healing process and ‎complementarity

Telephone: +962 6 565 5050‎ ‏ ‏‎ +962 79 665 5661 ‎ Email Address: hello@jfmhospital.com

Call us, and we will meet with your expectations ... Call us for a free medical consultation ... Call us to check on your health situation.‎