Social Responsibility

Our role as a distinguished medical institution run by ‎qualified medical and technical cadres at the world ‎level, and a leading destination for medical tourism, ‎requires us, undoubtedly, to raise the level of medical ‎awareness in the community and create another ‎needed awareness of the medical services provided ‎in general and the medical services provided by us in ‎particular so that the patient and their companions ‎can recognize the variety of medical services levels ‎they receive, and to have the right and ability to ‎choose the excellent medical services which can ‎secure the desired positive treatment results and ‎reject all profit based medical services.‏

The commitment of the Jordan Finland Modern ‎Hospital to serve the local community is based on ‎providing the financial and moral support to various ‎institutions, departments, local councils, charities, ‎social societies and poor families, and to participate ‎in community activities and events, and launching ‎charitable programs aiming to achieve social ‎responsibility and strengthen ties of national unity in ‎Jordan to reach an advanced position In the world.‎

From this perspective, the hospital’s administration ‎and all its staff seek to enhance its role towards the ‎local community, by implementing a social ‎responsibility plan that includes activities and tasks ‎with multiple objectives such as preserving the ‎environment and raising awareness through a series ‎of awareness programs, education and scientific ‎research.‎

The hospital will also work to provide medical aid ‎through a systematic series of charitable medical ‎campaigns through which the hospital’s management ‎will apply the latest technology and medical services ‎enable all social categories to benefit from them.‎

This medical institution also gives special and ‎importance and care to physically challenged people, ‎in terms of the adaptation of all building’s facilities to ‎provide them with medical services in the best ‎possible way, also to meet their needs by providing ‎job opportunities for the competent people among ‎them, and also to initiate activities and events to ‎support this category at the highest level possible.‎

The aim of the management through carrying out ‎these activities, is to establish a solid societal role, ‎and enhance the spirit of cooperation initiative among ‎the employees themselves, creating a positive ‎atmosphere for the whole society based on the ‎humanitarian principles established by the founders ‎of this institution, based on universality, equality and ‎non-discrimination between all, In addition to ‎participating in rights, duties, public and independent ‎accountability, all are under the human acceptance ‎and tolerance umbrella.‎

We believe that this plan of social responsibility and ‎other plans will be able to contribute to achieving ‎harmony between the hospital's vision and its goals ‎related to human health, human safety, the ‎environment, and the expectations of the local ‎community.‎

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