Why Jordan?

Jordan is distinguished by the medical services it ‎provides at the regional level and that it has some of ‎the most specialists in the world. The medical ‎services in Jordan are recognized by modernity and ‎variety of hospitals and medical centers which ‎include all specializations and address needs that ‎require health care and related support services such ‎as emergency, nursing and tourism services.‏

These medical facilities use the latest medical ‎devices, equipment, and international techniques, ‎known and applied in the best global health centers. ‎Jordan is known for its moderate weather throughout ‎the year, also known for having some of the best ‎human resources, and beautiful natural resources ‎that provide all elements of an effective treatment.‎

Jordan has a unique medical and therapeutic network ‎in the whole world, that consists of many public and ‎specialized hospitals, medical centers and ‎comprehensive clinics that treat all diseases such as ‎Ophthalmology diseases, Cardio diseases, infertility, ‎fertility, obesity, addiction, cancer and other diseases, ‎and it provides leading and distinguished treatment ‎services.‎

Each hospital or medical center is unique in having ‎their advantages, specializations and services, which ‎makes the capital Amman an advanced medical ‎center in providing health care service and a ‎comprehensive medical and treatment services ‎where one can find:‎


In Jordan, you can find the best specialists and ‎medical consultants in all fields with medical ‎specialties and high caliber on the regional and global ‎levels.‎

Hospitals and Centers

Jordan's hospitals and other health care institutions ‎have modern, high-tech medical facilities that are ‎equivalent to those available in European countries ‎and the USA.‎

Treatment cost‎

Jordan in general, and Amman in particular, are ‎recognized of having low treatment costs compared ‎with costs in neighboring countries, European ‎countries, and USA, in addition to low ‎accommodation, travel and other services’ costs.‎

Supporting Services‎

Tourist and reception services are available for ‎patients and companions during the treatment period ‎as well as the post-treatment period, which makes it ‎easier for patients to obtain good health care.‎

Unique treatment areas in Jordan‎

The Dead Sea ‎ - The Dead Sea area is known for its sunny weather ‎throughout the year. The solar radiation in the region ‎is not harmful to human health. As for the air, it is ‎fresh, dry and oxygenated. The Dead Sea is famous ‎for the black mud that is rich with salts and minerals. ‎Water of the Dead Sea has a high percentage of ‎natural minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, and ‎bromine. The salt and mineral composition of this ‎water is one of the most important sources of ‎treatment available in physical therapy centers under ‎the supervision of experts..

Wadi Rum ‎ - There are many campsites established for resting ‎and relaxation in Wadi Rum, where a visitor of this ‎charming place can touch the serenity of nature in a ‎desert as if it is a valley of the moon in which the ‎sand varies in color from light tan to brick red and ‎narrow canyons that cut deep into the huge granite ‎and high sandstone mountains. The beauty of nature ‎in this valley represents the spirit of romance in the ‎desert, especially if you stay at night in which you can ‎see the sky filled with bright stars, which will represent ‎a wonderful experience with an amazing memory that ‎cannot be erased.

Al himmah Alordoniyah (Jordan Bath Spa) ‎ -located about 100 kilometers north of Amman, it is ‎one of the most important treatment and tourism sites ‎in the region, a resort thathas been set up to provide ‎treatment services, it includes an important center for ‎the treatment of chest diseases, respiratory ‎infections, nervous system diseases, Dermatology, ‎and joint diseases. And all therapeutic and tourist ‎services are available in the resort and hotel “Al ‎Hamma”..

Hammamat Ma’in ‎ - Located 58 km south of Amman, and 120 meters ‎below sea level. Hammamat Ma’in is famous for its ‎spa and natural clinics that provides treatment for ‎people with skin diseases, circulatory diseases, bone ‎and joint pain, back and muscles. Specialized clinics ‎provide physical therapy and exercise.‎

The chronology of the development in medical ‎achievement in Jordan:‎

  • 1970The first cardiothoracic surgery in Jordan

  • 1970The first heart valve replacement in Jordan

  • 1972The first kidney transplant in Jordan and the Arab ‎world

  • 1973 First coronary artery bypass in 1973, noting that the ‎first case in the world was conducted in 1967‎

  • 1977 Transsphenoidal endoscopic pituitary surgeries

  • 1985The first spinal deformity corrective surgery in Jordan

  • 1985The first plain old balloon angioplasty

  • 1985The first heart transplant in Jordan at the Queen Alia ‎Heart Institute.‎

  • 1985Conjoined twin separation- the first of its kind in the ‎world

  • 1985The first heart transplant in Jordan and the Arab world

  • 1987Balloon Valvuloplasty

  • 1988Ultrasound-guided cerebral surgeries

  • 1993Toe-thumb autograft

  • 1995Percutaneous transluminal coronary stenting

  • 1995Treating cardiomyopathy with a flat dorsal muscle

  • 1995The first bone marrow transplant in Jordan

  • 1997The first internal carotid artery stenting

  • 1997Close congenital openings between the ears without ‎the intervention of a surgeon and through curative ‎catheters in 1997 for the first time in the region and ‎the fifth country in the world

  • 1979The first combined heart and lung transplant in ‎Jordan and the region

  • 1998Three Amman-Boston satellite-conference call ‎observed nonsurgical congenital heart anomalies ‎interventions, the first of their kind in the Arab world

  • 1999intracardiac defibrillator placement

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