IVF Clinics

The Fertility clinic at the Jordan Finland Modern ‎Hospital (the Jordanian Finnish Center for Fertility ‎and Genetics) is recognized for achieving positive ‎results for treating cases of infertility, Intrauterine ‎insemination, gender selection, and maintaining ‎privacy, using the latest modern medical methods ‎and techniques to increase the chances of ‎pregnancy. This unit is considered a leading facility in ‎this field at the regional level in terms of patient ‎service, reception, welcoming, permanent follow-up ‎and qualified facilities such as operations and ‎recovery. This unit also has the advantage as other ‎units in the hospital using smart mobile applications ‎that allow patients to easily receive prescriptions from ‎the pharmacy, with the continuous follow-up of the ‎medical staff round the clock‏.‏

This department provides the following health ‎services:‎

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)‎

Semen analysis using the latest technology and ‎standards

Sperm retrieval for azoospermia

Sperm DNA fragmentation test

Sperm and testicular tissue cryopreservation

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection using the latest ‎global technology

IVF preimplantation genetic testing using Next ‎Generation Sequencing (NGS) ‎

Gender selection in early pregnancy stages ‎

Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm ‎injection (IMSI) ‎

Embryos and ova cryopreservation ‎

Laser Assisted Hatching

Embryo Glue Techniques for pregnancy rate ‎enhancement ‎

Reproductive anomalies laparoscopic and ‎hysteroscopic evaluation ‎

OB/GYN surgeries ‎

Telephone: +962 6 565 5050‎ ‏ ‏‎ +962 79 665 5661 ‎ Email Address: hello@jfmhospital.com

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