Message from Director

To the Visitors of the Jordan Finland Modern Hospital

Allow me first to welcome you, and thank you for ‎visiting this website, through which I will present a ‎briefing about our modern medical organization, as ‎we the hospital’s family and the board of directors ‎have made sure that its launch will carry sufficient ‎degree of distinction, uniqueness and leadership at ‎all levels.‎

Having our well-known medical staff across the ‎Middle East and the world who brought to us the best ‎of what medicine have reached in Finland, which is ‎well-known for the medical progress it has achieved ‎in many specialties and in the field of health services, ‎which are characterized by using artificial intelligence, ‎machine learning and big data to provide a ‎specialized treatment that addresses Every patient’s ‎needs.

Hence, we support this medical competence with the ‎latest and most efficient global technology in terms of ‎performance and high accuracy in results, where ‎modern technology, and through an electronic smart ‎system, connects the three basic aspects of the ‎therapy system, namely, the doctor supervising the ‎case, the patient receiving the health service and the ‎medical devices that affect the desired level of each ‎treatment process.

Making all these details one of our priorities for our ‎stems from our belief that every patient or beneficiary ‎has the right to follow their medical record and the ‎results of tests, in addition to the results of response ‎to treatment. As our excellent team follows all updates ‎of each patient’s record round the clock. ‎

It is worth mentioning that our qualified staff members ‎are trained to provide the best services in various ‎specialties. They are colleagues who we have ‎chosen very carefully to complement our vision in ‎leadership, modernity and professionalism.‎

Dear Visitors:‎

A quick look at this medical facility with its unique ‎engineering construction design, will give you a vision ‎of what really goes on behind the walls. Here, is ‎where the best technological standards are applied ‎by following the first smart paperless system and the ‎first electronic medical record for a private hospital in ‎Jordan, confirming that you approaching us is the ‎right step towards proceeding ahead to the ‎healthcare you seek.‎

There is no doubt that one of the features that ‎distinguish the Jordan Finland Modern Hospital from ‎other hospitals is its location in a unique geographical ‎area acting a link point between Western and eastern ‎Amman and close to Al-Dakhliyah Circle, which ‎embraces a number of the finest hotels, making the ‎hospital the best option as a medical destination.‎

Added qualitative and distinctive value, making ‎a difference in the level of health services ‎sector
Using state of the art medical devices in the ‎world
Transferring the distinguished medical ‎experience in Finland while maintaining the ‎privacy of our society
Applying the best practices and international ‎standards to serve patients and visitors
Intelligent electronic system to provide the best ‎medical service

Dear Visitors of our site:‎

At the end of this brief outlook, we would like to refer ‎to the units that make up the 7 floor hospital over an ‎area exceeding 8 donums, The hospital consists of ‎several units, including Ophthalmology, Clinics, ‎Optometry, Lasik, Laser, Emergency unit, Operations, ‎Reception, Entry, Finance, Pharmacy, Laboratory, ‎Maintenance, and Information Technology ‎department.‎

Other units were also established to support the ‎hospital, such as infertility and fertility, the dental unit, ‎the endoscopy unit and the dermatology and ‎cosmetology unit. Other units will be also added to ‎the hospital according to future plans.‎

In conclusion, I believe that your trust in us, and the ‎trust of our patients are the motivation behind our ‎endeavor to advance in the next few years to reach ‎excellence, and to make this institution the path of ‎everyone from the whole world, who wants to benefit ‎from the distinctive medical services we offer from the ‎whole world.‎

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