An introduction

Welcome to the Jordan Finland Modern Hospital. The ‎hospital has been prepared to add a qualitative and ‎distinctive value to the health services sector in our ‎beloved country Jordan, which has become a well-‎known regional and international destination for ‎medical tourism worldwide. These goals are ‎accomplished through transferring the distinguished ‎medical experiences of Finland and applying them ‎according to the best international practices and ‎standards to serve patients, their companions as well ‎as visitors, taking into consideration the privacy of our ‎local community. ‎

Our hospital is distinguished by its vital location in the ‎heart of the capital Amman, at a crossing point ‎between western and Eastern Amman, close to Al-‎Dakhliya Circle. The hospital consists of seven floors ‎with a total building area exceeding eight donums. It ‎includes various units and clinics for ophthalmology, ‎Optometry, Fertility Unit, a modern dental clinic, Day-‎stay unit, operation unit, and emergency department, ‎in addition to other medical, administrative, and ‎technical departments.‎

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  • I tried again and again to fulfill my husband's dream ‎of having a baby, but I didn’t succeed until my brother ‎advised me to check this hospital because of its good ‎reputation, even though it was new. Thank God, ‎things worked out successfully and my husband and I ‎are extremely happy

    Yasmeen Radhi Al-Hamaydeh
  • I thank the Jordan Finland Modern Hospital for the ‎care and attention the medical staff provide. I visited ‎the hospital more than once and every time I ‎increasingly admire the way they work in this ‎pioneering hospital.‎

    Sultan Mohammad Jazzazi
  • Different doctors told me that my condition cannot be ‎cured, but I underwent an operation in the Jordan ‎Finland Modern Hospital, and it was very successful. ‎I advise everyone to call on this specialized hospital ‎for the unique healthcare services it provides.‎

    Mohammad Yousif Abu Hamed
  • All thanks and appreciation to the doctors for their ‎professional work. It was a wonderful and special ‎experience from the moment I checked in the hospital ‎until I left it treated and healed.‎

    Badreyya Salem Motlaq
  • A distinguished hospital in every sense of the word. ‎skilled doctors, nice staff, modern devices and an ‎electronic system that makes patient’s experience ‎easy and fast.‎

    Saeed AbdelJawad Al-Qatami


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